OG Records

A Digital Record Label

OG Records is a digital record label based in Los Angeles, CA founded by hip-hop legend Too Short and tech mogul Vinny Aslin. Submit your songs and music videos and have them reviewed by Too Short and top producers and audio engineers. If your song or music video is accepted, OG Records will promote your content and potentially offer you an exclusive recording artist contract.  OG Records accepts music of all genres, so no matter what kind of artist you are, OG Records is waiting for your submission.

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OG Artists

OG Records boasts a strong lineup of musical artists from different genres of music. By submitting your music videos and songs to OG Records, you can become an official signed artist on the record label. All artists on OG Records receive the exposure to take their career to the next level and attain stardom. OG gives artists the means to spread their music to the masses.

Too Short

Oakland, CA

Radio Base

Moreno Valley, CA

Ocho FrmdaMob

Eastside Compton, CA

KB FrmdaMob

Eastside Compton, CA

Meter Mobb

LA/Bay Area/Texas


Los Angeles, CA


Oakland, CA

Music Videos

Watch some of the latest videos produced and distributed by OG Records. Co-Founder Vinny Aslin has created the online networks necessary to get plenty of REAL views at anytime. Just check the numbers on the board!

The Studio

From an empty warehouse to a state-of-the-art recording studio with all the extras, Too Short and his team have put the time and money into creating an impressive studio complete with: multiple recording booths, large performance stage, meeting rooms, creative rooms, a green room, a barbershop, and more. OG Records artists have the opportunity to use this amazing studio space to create content with the help of some very talented music engineers, producers, writers, and more. The Boombox Studio is something you need to see to believe!